How to create a Post-It Effect

by Jan 18, 2020Projects, Tutorials0 comments

Hi, do you like post-it?

I like them and I want to use them also on my online project.

It is a very simple effect to obtain in divi, simply adding some lines of code.

Let’s see!

This is the effect I want!
1. Add the column and the box for text.
2. Insert your text or images, format them and go to “Advanced” tab.
3. In “Main element” add this code:
-moz-box-shadow:5px 5px 7px rgba(33,33,33,1);
-webkit-box-shadow: 5px 5px 7px rgba(33,33,33,.7);
box-shadow: 5px 5px 7px rgba(33,33,33,.7);
-moz-transition:-moz-transform .15s linear;
-o-transition:-o-transform .15s linear;
-webkit-transition:-webkit-transform .15s linear;
-webkit-transform: rotate(-3deg);
-o-transform: rotate(-3deg);
That’s all folks!