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How to change the Divi Logo Link

Hello, dear Divi Maniacs, I want to share with you another little tip I discovered this week about the magic world of Divi. I created a community online for a client and I user Divi + Ultimate Member. But... (in my post there is always a BUT) I needed a simple thing:...

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I can’t upload font files in Divi

Hello my dear DiviManiacs, here I am for a new little thing I have discovered today working on a new website. I needed to use in my new project a font downloaded from www.dafont.com, but unfortunately, this font was not included in the Divi library. No problem,...

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WooCommerce: “Add to cart” URLs

I use WooCommerce in many projects and often I need to modify something to obtain what I want. Sometimes I need to create custom WooCommerce Add to Cart HTML links / buttons and make them add one or more products to cart and redirect to specific website pages....

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