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As you know, Google prefers websites that work under the https protocol. This is a really good thing, in my opinion, but an SSL certificate may be expensive.
I had (unfortunately) some clients that didn’t want to spend money on the SSL certificate (fortunately the world is enough big to host also people like these).

But if you need an SSL certificate easy it installs and for free, what can you do?

You can use Let’s Encrypt (, but it may be a little complicated (for me is complicated). Fortunately, I found a resource that let me install simply Let’s Encrypt the following few easy steps. I have installed this certificate on a couple of websites and it is running really well.

You have simply to follow this small tutorial. To do the actions you see in this tutorial I have used a hosting that uses cPanel.

  1. Go to and put your domain in the field.
  2. Click on “Manual verification” and press on the button “Manually Verify Domain”
  3. You find 2 files to download and upload on your server.
  4. Open your FTP program and create a folder in your domain directory named “.well-known” if it does not already exist. If you use Windows you may have to add a dot at the end of the folder name in order to create a folder with a dot at the beginning.
  5. Create another folder in your domain under “.well-known” named “acme-challenge” if it does not already exist. Upload the downloaded files to the “acme-challenge” folder.
  6. Verify successful upload by visiting the links you find in the page

If everything is ok you can add your Certificate to your hosting.


  1. Press on “Download SSL Certificate”
  2. After a few seconds, a page will appear with the certificates that you have to copy and paste in your SSL/TLS area in cPanel.
  3. Open your cPanel and go to SSL/TLS
  4. Click on “Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)
  5. In this page, you have to select the domain and copy and paste the code that was generated by SSL for Free in the 3 fields (Certificate, Private Key, CA Bundle)

Now your certificate is installed and you have simply to modify your website that now has to run under https.

To do this I use a free plugin called “Really Simple SSL”.

That’s all.


Pay attention: your certificate need to be renewed every 90 days!


If something is not clear you can see also this video: